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Meet the Team

#1 Jeremy Miller

Jeremy’s life is A-Z aviation. “That’s just what I do,” says Jeremy, “seven days a week. No cat, no dog. Just instructing and flying.” And, it was always ‘just what he wanted to do’.


#3 Ollie Geraghty

Irish to the core and funny to boot, Ollie grew up in Galway and came to Australia in 2011 for a year's holiday, and just never left… though he still says he’s on holiday. When Ollie’s not flying, he’s a carpenter with his own business, specialising in roofing, decking, and commercial renovations.


#5 Eddie Seve

“Would you like to come for a fly?” is a question woven into Eddie Seve’s aviation story. He’s been asked it at pivotal moments of his flying career and has a habit of asking others the same question. A well-known character on the recreational aviation scene, Eddie could also be called ‘The Instigator’ of Freedom Formation.

Currently living in Arcadia, in the Sydney Hills, he grew up in Western Sydney near the Schofields Aerodrome. Married to Anne-Marie, a huge supporter of the team (oh, and Eddie), they love flying to remote Australia, to places people wouldn’t normally go, especially the north-west of Western Australia. Eddie also owns two Hungarian Puli’s (the dreadlock dogs), ‘Zolly’ and ‘Cozzie’. 

Aviation, aviation, and aviation are Eddie’s things, although he does enjoy the occasional bushwalk. Eddie makes the money for his aviation from IT and telecommunications. “Work is work” shrugs Eddie. “It’s a means to an end.”


#7 Don Harvie

Don grew up in a small village called Halfway House in South Africa and moved to Australia when he was 15. He now lives in North Parramatta with long term partner, Jen - who, Don says, is his biggest supporter. When he’s not flying he’s an IT geek working for Telstra in cybersecurity. Says Don, “it supports my aviation habit”.


#9 Glenn Bridgland

Glenn thinks he’s been pretty lucky. He lives in Turramurra, a northern suburb of Sydney, is married to ‘the lovely Lindsay’, has a son and two daughters, hangars his own aircraft at Bankstown, and has had a lifelong career in the airlines. He’s also an instructor in aerobatics, spin training and tailwheel. Aside from his family, aviation is his world. With around 20,000 airline hours in his logbook and about 4500 general aviation hours, Glenn says, “The only thing I know I’m good at is steering aeroplanes around.”


#11 Martin Russell

Growing up in southern Sydney, Martin is the quintessential family man. Married to ‘his beautiful wife’ Deb for 36 years, he has two children, now in their 30s, and a 3-year-old grandson (showing early signs of av-geekiness). A mechanical engineer by training, Martin earns the money to build and fly his RV-7, by working as a flight simulation engineer.


#13 James Weightman

He might be last in the Freedom Formation as the 13th aircraft, but he’s got to be one of the most exciting! Gold Coast born and bred, James is the true local for the Pacific Airshow. At 25, James is the youngest of the Freedom Formation. When he’s not flying, he’s a Level 2 RAAus (Recreational Aviation Australia) aircraft maintainer.


#2 Gavin Nour

Gavin, known as ‘Captain Gav’ to his boating mates, lives between Coogee on the Sydney beaches and a Hunter Valley hobby farm, with his beautiful wife, Sari. He’s made a decent living out of telecommunications software since 1994, his daughter Kara just finished product design at university, and his son, Jasper, is an animal vet.


#4 Brayden Rowley

Brayden grew up in Austral, west of Sydney and now lives on acreage about 20 minutes from Camden, with partner Ellen, their son, and too many competition (western and dressage) horses. Harrison, two-and-a-half, thinks every plane he sees is ‘Daddy’s plane!’, but is not too keen on getting into the RV... Yet, that is.


#6 Kevin White

Kev’s retired and has never been busier! Kevin worked at ABC TV for 25 years. Initially as a Broadcast Electronics Engineer and then as Operations Manager for News and Current Affairs before moving into the corporate live event industry in a National Operation Management role. Always on the technical side of things; Electronics, Sound, Lighting, and Vision. Also, a model train enthusiast and a keen amateur astronomer Kev’s been a ‘ham’ amateur radio operator since his school days. He often talks to hams on the other side of the world on antennas he designed and constructed himself. When not engaged in his many hobbies Kevin spends a lot of time enjoying the northern beaches with his wife Sue.


#8 Mal Kains

Mal grew up in Camden, south west of Sydney, until, when he was in his mid-teens, his family moved to Bankstown - to a home directly opposite Bankstown airfield. Married to Diana (very supportive and involved - “if I’m at the airport, she’s there too”), they have two daughters: an electrical engineer and an environmental scientist. Mal and Diana also do some mountain biking and own two Huskies - Bodhi and Jasper - that they take dryland dog-sledding; hooking the dogs up for runs in the forests south of Sydney.


#10 Peter Grogan

Known as Con to all his mates (his second name is Connal), Pete grew up in County Tyrone in Ireland and moved to Australia when he was 29 and now lives in Cabarita in Sydney. Married to Grainne (pronounced Gronya), he’s got two kids, Ryan and Erin. When he’s not flying, he’s running his excavation construction company, Carmen Constructions.


#12 Mark Newton

Mark grew up in Mt Gambier in South Australia, then moved to Adelaide but about ten years ago decided to make Sydney home. When he’s not working on or flying his RV, Mark spends time with his partner of 23 years and his two Pugs, and to pay the aviation bills he’s an Internet geek (his words).


Ground Coach
Trent Stewart

Our very own Trent. While he flies in to watch us fly, we would not be able to do what we do without him


Bio by Angela Stevenson

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